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 Molecular Treasure 

Bending time, revealing time is not real

Re-calibration, an unprecedented feel


The hourglass flipped, free-falling

Listening to our divine calling


Catch the wave, or it catches you

Paradigm shift, a new world view

Trust that you land on solid ground

Fear delays what must be found

The fade of the problematic model we built

Energetic building blocks of this human quilt


Sculpting the treasure hunt as we go

Surrendering to the state of flow


Philosophers, teachers, healers and leaders

Higher consciousness, no need for preachers


The puzzle must be decoded, it’s collaborative

The key is within, our power is imaginative

Unification paving the way of the collective mind

A feasible solution for empowering human kind

Thoughts creating future materialization

Mental illustrations, self-actualization


The buried truth, the secret to our evolution

Power of the mind, the encrypted solution

Superpowers ignited, molecularly spellbound

The path to the hidden treasures—now found

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