Molecular Treasure 

Bending time, as we reveal that time is not real

Adjusting to the re-calibration, an unprecedented feel


The hourglass flipped, free-falling, arms flailing

Resist and it feels like a sea storm when you’re sailing


Catch the wave, or it catches you

Either way this paradigm shift is a new world-view

Ease into it and trust that you land on solid ground

Otherwise the fear will delay what must be found

The fade of the problematic model we consciously built

The manifested building blocks, re-directing the threads of this human quilt


The focus of our thoughts, the power of what we must embody

Sculpting the treasure hunt as we go, the sought out grail of literati


Scholars, philosophers, teachers, healers and leaders

When it’s from the soul it’s expansive, it doesn’t need preachers


Same knowledge, same right to mental freedom

Allow the fears to dissipate, and your courage to precede em’


The symbolism isn’t random, it’s methodically ensconced you’ll see

The puzzle must be decoded—the intrinsic map will lead you to the key


A metrical system, it’s qualitative, quantitative—it’s collaborative

Sounds like an exaggeration, but the solution is imaginative

Unification paving the way for the evolvement of the mind

The most feasible solution for empowering human kind

Thought frequencies painting the canvas of future materialization

The manifesting of the mental illustration, the self-actualization


The quest for the buried truth, the secret to our evolution

Power of the mind, peace entrancement, the encrypted solution

Gems and jewels glistening with temptation, X marks the spot

It’s hidden, it’s forbidden—it’s the chest that holds the jackpot

Super powers ignited, the science of being molecularly spellbound

The path to the gold and the hidden treasures—now found