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Spice it up!

We all know how much better food tastes with added spices but are you aware of the healing properties of spices? Did you know that spices are medicine?

Let's start with ginger because it has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and antiviral properties. It is also beneficial with migraines, heart disease and cancer. My suggestion is to make some ginger tea at home on a regular basis!

Saffron is another spice that has been extremely useful in treating depression, anxiety, insomnia and cancer. Meanwhile, rosemary can improve memory, protect the liver and alleviate pain. So not only are we improving the taste of our food, but we are also healing!

Don't even get me started on turmeric! Wow! This is a powerful spice that can actually reduce the size of tumors, lower high blood pressure and help with skin issues. This is actually the most studied spice because of its dynamic healing capabilities, so have fun experimenting with it!

Our society is so quick to take medicine but it's our food that is capable of getting to the root cause of our illness so that we can truly heal. So the next time you want to pop a pill to mask a symptom please consider that your food is your medicine and that by making it taste better with savory spices you can also heal your body! Happy healing!

Love, Dream Bold Network

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