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Life is a Rollercoaster

It's easy in life for us to resist the moments in life where we feel low or stuck, but life is a rollercoaster. It's natural for us to have highs and lows, or ebb and flow. We can't always be on a winning streak because there are lessons in the challenges.

The trick is to relax and enjoy the ride. Just like a rollercoaster, we need the polarity of the journey to truly excite us. When you stop resisting and judging the experiences that seem difficult, you are able to flow through those moments with more ease. What we resist, persists so practice accepting what you attract and see if resolutions show up faster. It's also important to remember that life's challenges are some of our greatest teachers and they help us to become more resilient.

When we shift our mindset, we are able to handle our realities more efficiently. We start to feel more empowered and we are able to stay calm in the chaos. The next time life feels like it's dropped into a less exciting part of the ride, keep your point of awareness on the near future where you are catapulted back up into more exhilarating experiences. Hang on tightly because when we have faith, elevated emotions and fierce expectations the universe mirrors back our inner worlds. Get ready to fly into epic heights of joy, freedom and excitement!

With love, Kate


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