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The Ladder to Peace

If we want to create world peace we must climb the ladder to higher consciousness. This means taking incremental steps in our own personal evolution and embodying elevated frequencies. It's a step-by-step process to our collective freedom.

Are you ready to release heavy thoughts and emotions? Are you ready to transmute stagnant energy in your body? Are you ready to upgrade your internal programming? What could your life look like if you were to shift your point of awareness to the vibration of world peace?

The state of the world feels so overwhelming that it's imperative that we don't forget the power of small steps. These add up very quickly so the solutions to our world challenges are internal. When we evolve individually, we ascend collectively. How can you illuminate your life so that you are contributing to the illumination of the world? This is science and this is the wisdom of our ancestors. Peace is a frequency that we must embody if we want it to manifest. Choose peace!

With love, Kate


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