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Love Boldly!

Do you love boldly? Do you love with all of your heart or are you layered up? Are you truly available and able to be vulnerable? It's important to heal our wounds so that we don't carry them into our next relationship.

We all get hurt in relationships so it's so common to guard our hearts to avoid experiencing pain. The problem with this is that we aren't actually protecting ourselves—we are creating energetic blocks in the epicenter of our source of creation.

The heart is a scientifically measurable field of magnetism—it's literally a magnet. When we have blocked energy, we limit what we are able to attract. We also block ourselves from experiencing love on a deeper and more intimate level. Love is an energy exchange so the higher frequency you have to offer, the higher the vibration of love you will attract. What needs to be cleared from your heart center? What is your heart vibrationally signaling to the quantum field?

With love, Kate


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