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The power of love

The power of love......this is the answer to everything because when you are in the vibration of love you are in alignment with intention, which is the most powerful place to be. We are able to reach our desires, magnetize other high vibrations and flow through life with more ease when we are resonating at these higher frequencies.

In any situation we have the choice to react with soul or ego. It can be easy to give into feelings of fear, anger and hatred but these emotions only weaken us and pull us away from the truth. When we consciously choose to think and feel from the high vibrations of love we are demonstrating our faith in the source—and this faith helps us to attract what it is we need.

Several ways that you can instantly get into the vibration of love is to focus on what you are grateful for, listen to soulful music, help someone else, read inspiring articles or books, meditate, support a charity, watch something funny or spend some time in nature. Even repeating positive words or phrases and looking at beautiful images can be very uplifting. Surround yourself with positive words, compliment others, forgive everyone in your life and love yourself more than you ever have!

We always have a choice between love and fear—choose love and watch what happens! :)


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