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See the Silver Lining

It can be difficult to focus on the silver lining when we are experiencing challenges and suffering. When we retrain our minds we can automatically shift our point of awareness to the silver lining, more than the challenge in front of us.

The second we project energy in the direction of the positive aspects and infinite outcomes, we start to influence the result of the situation. We can essentially steer the experience toward the most desired outcome. It's all about our intentions, emotions, thoughts and expectations.

In any given situation try to detach yourself emotionally to the best of your ability. Then shift from reactivity, or a victim mentality, and embody the frequency of gratitude for the best possible end result. Be grateful for the lessons being learned, for the opportunity to test your quantum superpowers and for this experience making you more resilient. Pre-experience the emotions of celebratory energy.

The idea is to out-vibrate your environment, with all of your awareness on the silver lining and a miraculous resolution that improves the quality of your life. Use positive affirmations, take time to meditate and visualize yourself in the future reflecting on that exact situation and being grateful it happened. Allow your imagination to run free while you relax your body, surrender to the quantum field and trust that the universe has everything rigged in your favor! Expect miracles and magic to show up—that's when they do!

With love, Kate


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