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Light it up baby!

We all have an inner light. We all have control over that inner light. Are you aware of your light? Do you know how to be in control of it's magnitude and projection???

Well, let's get started on what I consider to be one of the most magical parts about life. My light was always fluctuating and at times was dangerously low. Now I have figured out how to keep it soaring—regardless of the circumstances I am in! That's why this is one of my greatest passions!

So how do you control your inner light? With your thoughts! Whatever you are surrounding yourself with and whatever you are feeding your mind is shifting that light. So step one is to be gentle with yourself and to be aware of how kind your thoughts are to yourself and others. Every thought boomerangs back into our lives via the Law of Attraction so it's imperative that you are sending out high vibes!

The next step is to get yourself into nature, ground into the earth and circulate your inner life force energy. This can be achieved through activities like yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and dancing!! Blast your mind with binaural beats, guided meditations, healing frequencies for higher vibrations and hypnosis tapes for subconscious re-programming— which can be found on Youtube!

You will also benefit from daily positive affirmations and from cutting out negative and low vibrational influences. When your thoughts, emotions and intentions become more positive you will attract more things that amplify that feeling and, ultimately, radiate at a higher frequency! If you invest some time in this people will begin to notice around you and you can learn how to project that energy—it's so empowering—it's like being a superhero! So project that light baby!!!


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