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Tantric Treasures...

Lately I have been fascinated with studying tantric healing, and shocked at how many misconceived perceptions we have about this art form.

Many people might assume that tantric touch is about sexual positions but it’s truly about deep connection and heightened energy exchange. It's about heightening your imagination through pleasure and artistic expression! Who doesn’t want that?

What is so intriguing about tantric touch is that the focus is more on the experience than the orgasm. Our society tends to want to rush to the finish line but it’s actually the build up of the hedonistic energy exchange that allows for true intimacy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take the pressure off of the final outcome? Wouldn’t your relationship improve if you invested more time into the buildup by heightening each other’s senses?

Tantric touch involves tantalizing, teasing, and feather-like touches. These sensual exchanges build anticipation, promote mindfulness, and allow for a more creative flair. In addition, there are health benefits such as increased blood flow, better circulation, heightened bliss, and a more energized body. It’s about understanding, activating, and circulating the electrical currents between you and your lover.

Approaching sex from a more energetic standpoint actually increases the physical pleasure. It’s all about understanding the ebb and flow of energy, while enhancing your connection to someone. It’s about turning up the electrifying sensations, releasing those pleasure feeling endorphins, and cranking up the sexual tension. Mmm, I’m getting heated just thinking about it…and isn’t the point of life—to live with fiery passion?

Love, Dream Bold Network

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