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Waterfall of Abundance

Are you focusing on the abundance in your life or the lack? Do you feel confident in your abilities to manifest anything you desire through magnetic intentions? Are you overwhelmed by the magic and abundance in your life, or concerned about what's missing?

What you focus on you attract so if your attention is on anything other than abundance we have some work to do! Life is an energy system that operates in a similar way to a boomerang. The thoughts, emotions, and vibrations that you project into the Universe will loop back with shocking accuracy.

What this means is that if you are emitting a frequency of lack you will attract more people, situations, and energies that enhance feelings of lack. This is why it is imperative that you focus all of your time, energy, and thoughts on exactly what you want—abundance in all directions!

You can get into the flow and vibration of abundance by using daily affirmations, having positive messages around your home, and by creating a vision board that you look at daily. There are free manifesting videos online that include binaural beats, which is a sound frequency that assists in attuning your energy field so that you can be in the optimal flow. It's time for your life to be one big waterfall of abundance!


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