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Love Yourself

It's really easy for us to be hard on ourselves and to bombard our minds with self-doubt, fears, insecurities, and negativity. This may seem harmless but the reality is that our thoughts are a frequency and they attract similar vibrations into our reality.

This sounds trippy but Universal energy laws have always been in effect and they work flawlessly. So check in—what frequency are you putting out into the world with your thoughts and emotions. Whether you believe it or not, start telling yourself that you love yourself!

Love is an extremely powerful vibration and it effects how we perceive ourselves, how others perceive us, how our food and water impact us, and what we attract. You are a magnetic being and it's imperative that you send out the frequency of love if you want to magnetize what you truly desire. So start surrounding yourself with positive affirmations, encouraging self-talk, and supportive hypnosis and meditation recordings. Program yourself for a loving reality!

Repeat the phrase "I love myself" over and over again all day for the next week and watch how it impacts everything around you. If negative thoughts arise just slow down, release them, reframe them, and override them with the frequency of love. If you want to attract a new lover then say "I am a magnet for the most loving relationships" or "I am loved and adored." The Universe will always respond to the story that you are telling yourself and the energy that you are projecting so experiment with conscious intentions of love!

Love, Dream Bold Network

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