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Aching with Desire!

Are you aching with desire? Do you embody desire and harness your sexual energy? Well, you should—as a daily practice!

So often we think of desire in terms of sexuality. However, desire is the key ingredient to magnetizing what you want in life. It's not enough to just think about something that you want. You have to emotionally experience what you desire as if it's already in your reality.

This is the fun part! Allow your imagination to visualize what you want to attract in life and then turn up the intensity of your desire. Allow yourself to feel overwhelmed with an aching desire for what you want to manifest in your life—and then turn up the heat even more than that! Desire your dreams the way you desire someone you are lusting for because that vibration is magnetically powerful!

You can even add movement to your visualization practice. Put some music on and dance as you daydream about what you want your future to look like. Then emotionally charge those images and fuel those frequencies with radical gratitude. Try a moving meditation, such as Qi Gong when you are focusing your attention on your desires. Harness your sexual power so that you can become a more magnetic being!

Love, Dream Bold Network

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