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Trash is sexy...

Now how could trash be sexy? Of course it's not! However, the act of cleaning up trash is in fact, sexy. Hear me out...

Last week I was in L.A. and there were so many people relaxing and partying on the beach. As I was observing humanity I noticed a young man walking around to intentionally pick up any trash he found.

He was instantly the most attractive and magnetic person on the beach because he was doing something that contributes to the greater good. He was leading by example and reminding humanity that we all need to chip in to make a big difference. Let's go deeper...

My friends and I have done many beach cleanups and the consensus is that we always feel more confident, alive, fulfilled and valuable when we clean up trash. First of all, it's a great workout and it connects you to nature. Secondly, it's a great way to bond socially. It can boost your sense of connection with humanity because people will come up and say "thank you" and even join you!

If you want to feel sexy and alive then do an altruistic act where you are demonstrating to others that we all have to do our part to preserve our beautiful planet. So grab some of your friends and loved ones and fill up those garbage bags so that we can all live in a sexier world! Thanks for being part of the solution!


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