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Are you in the flow?

Is it challenging for you to get into, and stay in, a peaceful flow? Do you find that you are often in a state of stress? Do you realize the importance of being in a flow state?

Well, let's get into the flow! When we are relaxed and our thoughts and emotions are harmonized we are in an ideal state to receive from the Universe.

This flow state can be reached through meditation, Qi Gong, breathwork, hand mudras, exercise, etc. This is the optimal state for existing and creating! Where there is flow, there is an ease to life. Where there is stress, there is resistance and suffering. This is why it is so important to get into the flow.

We often think that we need to go faster and faster to achieve more but the reality is that there is power in effortless flow. You deserve to experience life from this plane of existence—we all do. If you lead the body the mind will follow and vice versa so get yourself into a quiet, and comfortable, position and allow yourself to simply be. Be still. Be present. Be liberated from chaos. You can get into the flow state while you are creating art, taking a bubble bath, receiving a massage or cooking. Find what works for you and make this a daily practice.

You will notice significant improvements in your life if you operate from a state of flow. You will discover that you have more patience, that you are less reactive, that you have easier decision-making skills, you will become more magnetic and relationships will be healthier. You will also notice that your health improves and you will be more in tune with nature. There are countless benefits to taking the time to live in the flow! When you flow—you truly grow!

Love, Dream Bold Network

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