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Seductive Solutions

Einstein said "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Is it possible then that we are collectively trying to solve world issues with the same cognitive and energy frequencies that had when we created them?

Can you imagine if we start thinking of solving world challenges as fun, sexy, playful and empowering? What would it look like if we began to think of absolutely everything in terms of energy, frequency and vibration? Are we ready for quantum thinking, healing and manifesting?

For instance, have you ever been in a relationship where you end up arguing about the same problems over and over without getting creative with the resolutions? Imagine if you stopped verbally attacking each other and instead tried to communicate non-verbally as you incorporated tantric touch, sound healing, Feng Shui, Qi Gong, dancing, heightening the senses, seduction, visualization, breathing techniques and meditation? Do you see how quickly the situation can be altered just by transcending the methodology and thinking out of the box?

Another example would be cities that have successfully reduced crime rates by incorporating group meditation or changing the color of the street lights. It's important to remember that what we resist will continue to persist and what we focus on we attract more of. Our solutions are, in fact, more simple, obvious and innate then we are aware of—which means we have more hope than we currently believe. This means that by lifting our vibrations and our point of awareness we will be able to impact our world in a more solution-focused way.

So here's the challenge: try to shift a situation in your life with meditation and visualization instead of the same energy state you were in when you created or attracted the scenario. It's a fun experiment to start practicing and soon enough you will realize that we are powerful energy beings with the ability to effect matter by utilizing the quantum field—meaning that there are limitless solutions!

Love, Dream Bold Network

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