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One of the first resources that got me into the Law of Attraction was Jack Canfield's book, "The Key to Living the Law of Attraction." He was also in "The Secret" which is one of the films that triggered my obsession with manifesting.

I put Jack on my vision board and sure enough, years later I was interviewing him at his home—talking about the Law of Attraction. The reason I share this story is that I want everyone to understand how powerful your thoughts are and how effective a visualization practice is.

So what are you focusing your attention on? What are your dreams? Are you energetically aligned with those desires? Do you believe that you are worthy of receiving what you want? Allow your imagination to see what you want as an inner movie and then match that vibration with the energy in your heart. Your feelings will magnetize the experience you desire so your vibration is key to your success in manifesting. This takes a lot of work but the results are absolutely worth it.

Jack Canfield continues to be one of my favorite teachers of the power of the mind and creative manifesting. The Dream Bold Network has been so blessed to meet many experts in energy healing, sacred practices, science, ancient wisdom and the Law of Attraction. We encourage everyone to have fun with this process and to make it a daily practice so that you can attract the life of your dreams. Remember to be patient, study regularly, observe your thoughts and emotions without judgement and to not resist the natural trial and error that accompanies this universal law. The only limits are the ones that you place on yourself—so let your imagination soar!

With love,

Dream Bold Network


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