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Fiery Passion

Do you have fiery passion in life? What lights you up the most? Passion is a force that is unstoppable because it's a frequency that is so magnetically powerful and supercharging! What are you most passionate about?

Can you imagine a world where we all became more passionate about global healing and conscious creation? It doesn't have to be a chore, a heavy burden or a problem to solve—it can be something we actually enjoy doing!

Are there things that you used to be passionate about that you stopped doing? Why did you stop? Would you have more joy and excitement in your life if you were to do the things that light you up and fill you up with fiery passion?

It's really easy in our world to feel as if we are too busy to do the things we are passionate about, but how much time is being invested into television, guilty pleasures, maladaptive habits, drama and forced social interactions? It's really a matter of priority and shouldn't the things you love the most be at the top of that list? Passion is energy and it makes us more healthy, activated, attractive and fulfilled in life. Never let anyone discourage you from something you are passionate about—even if that person is you! Love and honor your passions and watch how much happier you become!

With love, Kate


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