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Radical Relaxation

So often we get going so fast and are in a state of radical stress. However, when is the last time that you were radically relaxed? This is so important for our health, energy field, cognition and inner harmony. So how do you relax? How often do you give yourself permission to unwind? Do you consider relaxation a spiritual practice?

We also tend to equate watching TV with relaxing. Even if we are more relaxed than we were at work, we are still not in a state of radical relaxation while we gaze at our TV screens. We are still not truly unplugging and giving our minds and bodies permission to reboot without constant stimulation and consumption of data. Do you feel as though you are existing in a zombie state or a flow state?

We all relax in different ways but some Universal methods of relaxation are breathing techniques, meditation, a walk in nature and gazing at a sunset. The trick is to fully decompress without technology while slowing your brain waves and dropping down into mind-body awareness. When we heighten the senses, slow down, enjoy the silence and live in the moment we are able to reset our nervous system and facilitate our healing.

Our society goes so fast but when we are mindful and present we become more magnetic for our dreams and desires. By slowing down we can actually achieve more. It might seem confusing but the flow state is our state of true power and when we relax we are able to center ourselves and embody this naturally magnetic vibration. If you want to live a more fulfilled, balanced, healthy and sensational life it's time to prioritize the art of radical relaxation!

With love, Kate


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